Drew Herburger - Zam

Bio: I live in the perfect town of Sisters, Oregon where I like to bike, snowboard, and fail at playing video games. It is no doubt that I am bad at video games but I still love the gamer life. Since I am absolutely terrible at playing the games I am determined to give the wonderful children an experience in the super hero industry that they will cherish forever. 

Quote: "SQUIRREL! ..Nope it's a seagull."

Email: zam@prettyawesomegamers.com

Gamer id: PAG Zam


Cody Cox - Koji

Bio: Loves gaming, but loves helping others more!

Quote: "Grew up gaming with my first memories being River Raid on Atari and been hooked ever since. We are very fortunate to have good health that let's us be able to follow our passion. Now it's time to pass that feeling forward to those who cannot experience due to something no one should have to deal with."

Email: cody@prettyawesomegamers.com

Gamer id: PAG Koji


Sam Horne - Litmatches

Bio: Beard, man nerd, and fear of Zam is what makes me. 

Quote: "Iced Skinny Extra Whip Triple Shot Chestnut Praline Latte at the bar!"

Email: sam@prettyawesomegamers.com

Gamer id: PAG Lit

Alejandro Lopez - Skrump

Bio: Skrumpcious is an understatement. 

Quote: "It is what it is." 

Email: skrump@prettyawesomegamers.com

Gamer ID: Skrumpcious

Erin Chapman 

Bio: Mother of 2. Passionate about gardening, spending time with my kiddos, fiance, and hiking in the beautiful Central Oregon wilderness with our dogs.

Quote: Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Email: erin@prettyawesomegamers.com

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