Neila and Von Award Event

Neila and Von are brother and sister who both have Cystic Fibrosis. But those kids do not let that bring them down. Meeting these kids exceeded all expectations. The energy that the kids gave us during our presence with them was beyond Pretty Awesome. 

What were they awarded?

Their home is in San Antonio, Texas so we awarded them with the trip to WizardWorldCon in Austin Texas. The kids got to dress up as BumbleBee the Transformer and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. We also teamed up with the 501st Legion and had them send the Storm Trooper for a special escort service. While they were at the convention our team broke into their hotel room and placed a bunch of gifts and pictures created by unique artists you find at ComicCons, for the kids. Their travel and food was on us. The award is focused on the kids but extends to their close family to make sure they get that deserved family time outside of the hospital. The parents received wine from Naked Winery to tip our hat and thank them for being so awesome with their kids.  And to top it off everyone got PAG shirts.

Pretty Awesome Recap

More pictures are coming! We are still gathering everyone's pictures from the weekend so check back later for more!

The storm trooper you see a lot of is from the 501st Legion and his name is Andy. He was sent to us to surprise the kids with light sabers and a storm trooper escort. The kids obviously had a blast with him. 

Pretty Awesome Gifts

Along with these gifts for the kids Naked Winery hooked us up with 4 awesome bottles of wine for the parents to enjoy together when they do find that time to themselves. The kids are our focus but when all is said in done, the family time together is what really matters. 

Special Thanks Too

Andy Forbes and the 501st Legion 

Epic Lamps

Melvin's Market

Naked Winery

A lot of unique vendors that we had the pleasure of meeting at ComicCons this year that created art and gifts for the kids. We apologize for not formally getting your names and websites but we thank you so much for the gifts for the kids. If you would like to see your name and logo on here please contact us. We want to show our support for you as best as we can. We do still have a tall stack of business cards to apply to our list. Thank you for your forgiveness.