Welcome to the Site!

We are very excited to bring you the site for Pretty Awesome Gamers Charity! Over the course of the next few months, the team is finalizing everything for the organization so that we can hit the ground running in 2016 to deliver on the promise to make the lives of the terminally ill children and their families just a little bit better.

Here on this page, we will keep everyone updated on where we are at with the charity, what we have done to meet our yearly goal, and any other happenings from the board team. We are working on dates for conventions in both the Oregon and Arkansas region currently, so be sure to check in here to meet us at our booths!

If there is anything you would like from us, or have any tips or ideas on how we can make this charity the best it can possibly be, please send us an e-mail at contact@prettyawesomegamers.com or use the Contact Us feature on the website. Anything from offerings for donations to how to spread the word better or even if we can raise enough money for Zam to shave his head! Anything you would like from us, feel free to contact us at any time.

If you haven't yet, please be sure to check out our social media sites on the links on the site. Follow, re-share, favorite, do what you can to help us get the PAG name out there so that we can make 2016 a success!

Best wishes,

PAG Koji