Interested in being part of PAG's foundation?

Volunteer Opportunities

Fundraiser Leaders- Live close to to where a bunch of conventions take place and want to help out our cause? We are looking for dedicated, out going, and all around awesome leaders to help us grow. Our fundraiser events are growing and we need more hands. Contact us to set up interviews. 

Event Organizers- Got an event idea that you would love to see us putting together? Pitch any Event ideas to our board and we will let you be in charge or work any spot in the event you want if it is something we can pull off. 

Costume Designers- We need cosplay leaders/designers that love making new costumes and has the dedication to be able to work with our award winners to create something they want to wear to our award events. 

Streamers- Always have more room on our Streamers page for more streamers that just want to play games and raise money for our cause. Contact us with your stream address and you could be the next featured streamer.

Artist Affiliates

Artist Affiliates- You are a creator, an artist, and know how to create something kids love. Our thing we love to do the most is to get a bunch of awesome art and gifts and give them to the kids along with taking them to conventions. We are looking for artists that want to be the firsts ones we call when we need some art created for kids. If you have toys, pictures, sculptures, or anything gift related that you can create for our award winners then we want you. Artist Affiliates have the chance to be a Featured Artist at our Fundraiser booths and support from our marketing. We love to brag about the artists that have the talents to make our Award winners smile long after the events. 


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